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Privacy Policy

"BeeaaB health" respects the privacy of its users and is committed to protecting their personal information. This privacy policy applies to all products and services provided by "BeeaaB health", a trademark of Optimal Communication Company, including the website and application. This application, while adhering to the principles of nutritional science, allows users to experience a healthy lifestyle by registering in the program and providing personal information, helping prevent diseases caused by poor nutrition.

Article 1: Before using the application, users are required to register, providing information such as name, address, phone number, medical history, dietary regimen, and other details. "BeeaaB health" uses this information to improve its services and support, and it does not transfer or sell this information to any third party without the user's permission.

Article 2: Personal data is collected only in cases where it is necessary for communication and care of the user, and additional information from the user is not requested. Therefore, users have the flexibility to enter information as needed at any time.

Article 3: The user is responsible for maintaining and preserving the necessary tools for accessing and using the website, and the associated costs are the user's responsibility. " BeeaaB health" is not liable for any damages resulting from this.

Article 4: "BeeaaB health " implements necessary and appropriate hardware and software security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or destruction of user's personal information. These methods are continuously updated and reviewed. Personal information of users is limited and accessible only by committed staff members. These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations, and any violation of these obligations will result in legal consequences. Monitoring of BeeaaB health's user community is conducted without using personal identities and completely anonymously.

Article 5: "BeeaaB health" may collaborate with companies, websites, or other applications, and users should be aware of their privacy policies when using such websites or applications. BeeaaB's website utilizes third-party services, such as social networks, for communication and interaction with the public. When you use a third-party website, it is important to note that these services are controlled and managed by third parties. You should review their privacy statements.

Article 6: The products available for purchase on "BeeaaB health" are subscription-based and only individuals above 18 years old are allowed to make purchases.

Article 7: Nutritional and exercise recommendations are directly dependent on user information and reports. In order to provide services to users, it is possible that other services may be active on the website. For example, storing specific search phrases used by visitors to provide more comprehensive information about visitors' favorite phrases on the website or to determine the geographical areas from which visitors are accessing the website or their web browsers, or to identify the individuals who have referred to our website. All of these actions are taken to better serve the visitors.

Article 8: The consultations and recommendations provided by BeeaaB health are based on credible domestic and international academic sources and scientific research conducted by experts. These consultations and recommendations are offered in response to the requests and demands of valued users. Users seeking advice are free to make their own choices regarding the strategies and recommendations provided. Therefore, considering that the information acquired by "BeeaaB health " is solely based on the documents and explanations provided by users, and the accuracy and reliability of the information obtained from the website cannot be verified, the company assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the users' information. No objections or complaints from service recipients will be entertained in judicial or non-judicial authorities. By reading and expressing consent below this page, users declare their agreement with the aforementioned policy and release "BeeaaB health" from any liability. It should be noted that if users provide false information contrary to ethical standards, and as a result, material or moral damages are incurred by "BeeaaB health", they must be accountable for their misleading information and take immediate actions to compensate for the damages through appropriate authorities.

Article 9: The information provided is based on the systematic classification of the system and user inputs, and it should not be considered as inclusive of medical, pharmaceutical, or alternative treatment consultations. It is evident that the nature of the use of the output data or any personal misuse falls outside the responsibility of BeeaaB health.

Article 10: The services provided on the platform are not subject to the right of withdrawal as specified in the Electronic Commerce Law, due to their specific continuity and quality.

Article 11: Information and data from undisclosed sources are strictly not usable by any registered user, and any violation of rights or competition through data publication, theft, etc., will be subject to compensation for damages. The user acknowledges and affirms that they have registered with their personal identity, and if third-party identity or banking information is used on the website, BeeaaB health reserves the right to block the user account and, if necessary, inform the relevant authorities.

Article 12: In the event of a disruption in internet service or any other reason that prevents the completion of the purchase process, the user's rights are not forfeited, and if any amount has been deducted from the user's account, it will be refunded to them through the bank.

Article 13: Users can recover and edit their password by accessing their profile after logging in with a one-time password (OTP).

Article 14: "BeeaaB health" is committed to protecting and safeguarding user's personal information in accordance with cybercrime laws, using all available means and resources. It is understood that the use of the program implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of BeeaaB health's privacy policy.